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Technical Translations

Technical translations are one of the key sectors covered by Polyglotto. Such translations require not only a skilled translator, but a translator with an industry-specific technical background. Polyglotto’s founders combine such a career skill and industry knowledge with native knowledge of the target language. Over the years we have built up a client base which includes manufacturers of a wide range of engineering and industrial equipment and machinery. The formulaic and repetitive nature of technical writing enable us to build client-specific terminology glossaries and translation memories (TM) to ensure translation quality and consistency as well as the ability to then apply volume discounts and quick turnarounds. Client terminology glossaries are constantly updated and refined at no additional cost to the client. We are a trusted partner not just a translation service provider.

Types of technical documents we translate:

  • Operation and maintance manuals
  • Installation guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Products and parts catalogues
  • Patents-Standards-Certifications
  • Sustainable development reports
  • Hardware-Software
  • Engineering and electrical engineering drawings
  • E-learning and technical training material
  • Marketing material

technical translations