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Website Localization

In order to have a credible internet presence and expand your business internationally it is essential that the content of your website is translated and adapted to suit local markets. In Polyglotto we translate and where appropriate adapt your website content so that it soaks up all elements of culture and language and reaches your target market with no hidden trace of the original language. We guarantee that your document will read authentically for the most accurate feedback.

So if you are trading internationally and wish to expand your customer base let us do the work:

website localization
  • Translate and where appropriate adapt your website content overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Localize any graphics on your website in collaboration with experienced DPT specialists
  • Offer online review and quality assurance in different browsers
  • Translate all your e-mail communication with your clients
  • Handle a number of different file formats using the OCR technology. Your files will be translated and returned in their original format